Preview Challenge Cup Tournament Rules and Regulations

  1. Each team will consist of sixteen players (15 skaters and 1 goalie). No more than three adults may be on the bench during the game.
  2. All players must wear approved helmets with the approved face mask as defined by USA and/or High School League rules. Helmets must be worn on the bench at all times. Mouth guards and full hockey equipment are also required. Any player on the ice during a game without this equipment will receive an automatic minor penalty.
  3. All games will consist of a 4 minute warm up and two 23 minute stop time halves.
  4. All teams must be dressed and ready to play 15 minutes before published starting times.
  5. Penalties:

Minor – 2 minutes • Major – 5 minutes • Misconduct – 10 minutes Fighting – Tournament Disqualification

Major or checking from behind penalties count as 2 penalties towards that player’s allowed 4.

Any player receiving four penalties in one game will be disqualified for the remainder of that game.

  1. Mite Off-Sides: Immediate off-sides.
  2. Running time after a 6 goal differential. Back to stop time if under 6.
  3. * Down player rule: If at any time a player goes down (injury) and play must be stopped, that player must sit out for the next 10 minutes of play. They may return to play after serving their 10 minutes recovery time. Players will remain on their player’s bench. Score keepers will track the time player may return to play. No exceptions.
  4. Preliminary round:
    • Scoring: Win= 2 pts. Tie=1 pt  Loss = 0 pts.
    • There are no time-outs during the preliminary round.
  5. Championship Round:
    • Teams will be ranked by points earned in the preliminary round.
    • The top two teams by points will play in the Championship game.
    • The next two teams will play in the Third place game.
    • If teams are tied after the preliminary round, tie breakers will be as follows:

a. Head to head competition     b. Goals against       c. Goal differential

d. Goals scored  e. Coin toss

*Tie-breaker must settle all ties, otherwise next tie-breaker is used

  • Each team will be allowed a single one minute time-out during the Championship and 3rd place game.
  • Tie games for Championship and 3rd place games will be decided by the following:
    • A best of 3 shoot-out.
    • If at the end of 3 it is still tied we will go to a sudden death shoot-out. No one can shoot twice until everyone has gone.
    • Coaches may use either goalie or change their goalie during the shoot-out

* Down Player Rule: Due the importance of keeping the game schedule on time this rule will encourage a player to find his way to the bench for the minor injuries (bumps and bruises) rather than laying on the ice. If play is stopped, this will give the player time to recover and be looked at by the EMT.


Parents may not go on the ice or on the bench at any time of the tournament to take pictures.