Tournament Rules & Protocols

All Minnesota Made Tournaments will operate under with USA Hockey Rules unless modification is otherwise stated below.

Each team will consist of no more than 20 players, rosters set before the first game of the tournament, no duplicate numbers allowed.

  • Duplicate jersey violations shall be presented by the opposing coach to the scorekeeper who, in turn, pauses the game at the next whistle for a conference with the referees.  Violating coach will be forced to choose one duplicate to stay in the game, the other will be ejected. 

A player shall not be listed on two rosters, no matter the division or age level.  No more than 4 coaches may be on the bench during the game.  All teams are required to bring completed individual waiver and release form to tournament headquarters or their first game.

All players must wear approved helmets with the approved face mask as defined by USA Hockey rules. Helmets must always be worn on the bench. Mouth guards and neck guards are recommended but not required for both American and Canadian teams. Any player on the ice during a game without the proper equipment will receive an automatic misconduct penalty.


All games will consist of a 3 minute warm up and three stop time periods:

  • Under Armour Face-Off – 17 minute periods, 4 games (some teams will play 5)
  • Stars & Stripes – 20 minute periods, 5 games
  • Liberty Classic – 17 minute periods, 4 games
  • Under Armour Spotlight – 17 minute periods, 4 games (some teams may play 5)
  • Rumble at the Rink – 17 minute periods, 4 games (some teams will play 5)

Warm up pucks are not supplied by tournament.  Running time will commence with a 5 goal differential after the 1st period.

There will be a 1 minute break at the end of the period when resurfacing does not occur. 

  • Under Armour Face-Off – no resurfaces, all levels.
  • Stars & Stripes – 12U, 10U, 2012-2017 level games will have ice resurfaced only at the end of the game.  All other level games will see ice resurfaced every two periods with the following conditions:  Games remain on schedule and there is less than a 6-goal margin.
  • Liberty Classic – no resurfaces, all levels. 
  • Under Armour Spotlight – no resurfaces, all levels.
  • Rumble at the Rink – no resurfaces, all levels.

All teams must be dressed and ready to play 15 minutes before published starting times.

HOME & VISITING TEAMS: The first (or TOP) team listed is the HOME team on each schedule. Home team will wear LIGHT colored jerseys, Away team will wear DARK. If you have only one color jersey, it is your team’s responsibility to contact the tournament staff no less than 30 minutes prior to game time about proper color. A bench minor penalty may be imposed at the start of the game for failure to comply.


Minor: 2 minutes -- Major: 5 minutes -- Misconduct: 10 minutes -- Fighting: Tournament Disqualification.  Checking will be allowed in all boys divisions 2011 and older

Checking from behind counts as two penalties.  A player may receive either 2 or 5 minute penalty at the (discretion of the referee):

  • If assessed a 2 minute penalty, the player will receive an additional 10 min misconduct. However, if the player gets ejected from the game within the last ten minutes of the third period, they will receive a one game suspension.
  • If assessed a 5 minute penalty, the player will receive an additional game misconduct. If an injury results from any checking from behind, the player will receive a 5 minute match penalty and a game misconduct. Upon completion of the game, the Tournament Committee will decide if further action is required.

Any player receiving a Match Penalty or Gross Misconduct (attempting to deliberately injure an opponent by spearing, butt-ending, slashing, etc.) will be asked to appear before the tournament directors/committee before the next scheduled game.  Any player receiving 4 penalties in one game will be disqualified for the remainder of that game. 

NOTE:  As leaders of the team, coaches must treat referees, off-ice officials, and tournament/facility staff with respect.  Any coach receiving a game ejection for abuse of a referee or off-ice official will be suspended an additional game.

All face-offs after a penalty will be in the penalized team’s zone.  Icing: Icing is allowed by a short-handed team (a.k.a. old rules, NHL rules).  If a player has the opportunity to touch the puck, but does not, icing will be waived off.  Off-sides: All games will use tag up off-sides.   Slapshots: Are allowed at all levels.

If at any time a player goes down (injury) and play must be stopped, that player must sit out for the next 10 minutes of game play. They may return after serving 10 minutes of recovery time. Players will remain on their team’s bench. Referees and Scorekeepers will track the time until player may return to play. NO EXCEPTIONS. Due to the importance of keeping the game schedule on time, this rule encourages players to find his/her way to the bench for minor injuries (bumps and bruises) rather than lying on the ice. If play is stopped, this will give the player time to recover.



There are no time-outs and no overtime during the pool play.  In the event of a team forfeit, score will be posted 1-0.  Scoring:  Win = 2 points  --  Tie = 1 point  --  Loss = 0 points


Playoff formats are subject to change—reflective by the number of registered teams at any given level. 

Pool standings will be determined by total points. After Pool Play, a tie in points will be resolved by the following criteria:

  • Head-to-Head (2 Teams Only): The tied teams are ranked in a descending order according to the win-loss result of games played between the tied teams. In a 3-way scenario [where (a) each team has defeated 1 of the other tied with, while losing to the other or (b) where all 3 have tied each other] then the tiebreaker advances.
  • Winning Percentage: The tied teams are ranked in a descending order according to most wins during all preliminary round games (most wins takes precedence over least wins)
  • Goal Quotient by Scoring: The tied teams are ranked in a descending order according to Goals For (GF) divided by Goals Against (GA) during all Pool play games (greater ‘Q’ takes precedence over lower).
    • In a divide by zero scenario (where a team has no goals against) that team shall be ranked ahead of teams that allowed 1 or more goals.
    • Where two or more teams have no goals against, or the Goal Quotient value is “1,” the teams shall be ranked high to low in descending order of Goals For.
  • Fewest Goals Against: The teams with the fewest goals allowed in pool play.
  • Coin Flip


Each team will be allowed a single 1 minute time-out during Championship and 3rd place games.

Tie games for Championship and 3rd place games will be decided in a 5 minute 4-on-4 overtime. If still tied, a 3 round shoot-out will follow. Teams will not switch ends. Each team will alternate attempts, home team has the option of going first or second, but must maintain order for the remainder of the shootout. The team that outscores their opponent will be the winner. If the game is still tied after 3 rounds, a sudden death shootout will occur. During sudden death rounds, each team will have one shot to outscore the other team. No shooters may go again in the shootout, unless every other skater on the bench has made an attempt (a.k.a. No TJ Oshie Olympic moments). Coaches may change goalies at their discretion during the shootout.



All teams will be registered and paid before their first scheduled game.  All teams needing hotel accommodations for MN Made events will use tournament sponsored hotels.  Teams will also be asked to submit these items prior to start of tournament:

  • Team Contact (coach, manager, etc.)
  • Roster (jersey #s, names, DOB)
  • Waiver (signed or online)

Any coaches, parents, family members or any other representatives of players or teams deemed to be disrespectful by referees, off-ice officials, facility or tournament staff are subject to dismissal from the facility. 


Tournament staff will talk only to the head coach (registered with the tournament as such) regarding any and all disputes. No Exceptions.

Tournament Director:
Chad LaRoche      952-641-6973
Brandan Evers     952-641-6974